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Although coronary artery disease is the leading killer of men and women in the USA, it is rarely encountered in cultures that base their nutrition primarily on grains, legumes, lentils, vegetables, and fruit.3'4 In the Framingham study, people with cholesterol levels between 150 and 200 mg/dl accounted for 35% of those with coronary heart disease, but among those with levels For over a decade it has been known that sufficient reduction of lipids may arrest and, in some cases, reverse coronary artery disease.7 An analysis of 35 cholesterol-lowering studies confirms that the benefits are directly related to the degree of cholesterol reduction.86,500 persons had to be prematurely stopped because of high mortality among controls, who had an average total cholesterol of 221 mg/dl.9 During follow-up (mean 5.2 years), there were 95 new myocardial infarctions in the control group and 57 in the treated group.70% diameter stenosis often receive aggressive, invasive interventions, including coronary artery bypass grafts, atherectomy, angioplasty, or stenting. Watts GF, Lewis B, Brunt JN, Lewis ES, Coltart DI, Smith LD, Mann II, Swan AV., Effects on coronary artery disease of lipid lowering diet, or diet plus cholestyramine, in the St.