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Maybe you have a few drinks and then you actually do text them all kinds of mean things about their shortcomings, real or imagined.(One time when I was in this stage, I sent a woman a VENMO request: for "emotional damages incurred due to cowardice." She didn’t respond.)6. You start to wonder if maybe he or she isn’t out of his or her mind for ghosting on you—that maybe you did something that made them not want to be with you. Thoughts start to creep in where you wonder why you weren’t good enough for this boy or girl who has broken your heart by literally, actively doing nothing at all. In your depressed state, you can’t stand to put a lot of emotional bandwidth toward considering that question (and you’re worried about what the results would be if you did), so you instead crawl onto the couch or into bed and do a little bit of weeping and a lot of binge-watching and binge-eating.