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This shadow is wearing a hat, which not only indicates that this guy is fancy AF, but that we've not met him yet. Let's be honest, by the time that 10 minute mega erotic sex scene was over, your mind was still wandering over them being all naked, fiery and humping inside a mind-desert than focusing on the clothes Salim had been wearing just minutes earlier. However, what it means is that you missed this really cool little detail that hints what the Ifrit did after skedaddling from the hotel room without even staying for breakfast. He stayed in America, rather than head back to Oman. Cast your mind back to Episode 2, just as Shadow walks into a diner to meet Mr. This coin is the sun; it's bright, hot — hence the burn mark in Laura's coffin — and it gives life, which is the reason why you see Laura plonked on the end of Shadow's motel bed at the episode's close. It also means that things will continue to go up shit's creek for Ole Sweeney.